Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Road Trip 4 ( KL - Raban Lake, Lenggong )

Time for another road trip! My destination is Raban Lake near Lenggong in Perak. There was a little drama during the drive to Lenggong. The old alternator of my campervan was dying so it was replaced with a new unit with higher amp output to cope with charging 2 batteries. However, after 1 hour into our journey from KL, the charged light lit up! To make matter worse, the low oil warning light lit as well! My heart almost sank when it happened, did I have a cracked oil pan? Or the did engine block's gasket blew? Clearly the low oil light is a major concern so I stopped immediately to check the oil. The dip stick indicated that oil level is full, but why the warning light? The oil sensor wire and the alternator cable belongs to the same wiring harness, could it be a case of bad connection? I decided to take a gamble and continued with my journey, I have been looking forward to this road trip for the last few months and I am not going to let lousy warning lights stopping me! For the next 2 hours the charge light and the low oil light flickered intermittently and I braced myself for the inevitable spluttering stop, or worse a sized engine. Mercifully, the lights stayed off for most of the journey until we reached Raban Lake.

Raban lake is actually a series of interconnected lakes surrounded by green hills. The water here is unpolluted and has a healthy inflow and outflow, making it ideal for fresh water fish farming. However, my mind was more concerned with health of the camper. A quick check with the dip stick check showed no loss of oil, I wriggled the connections to the alternator and oil sensor and started the engine, no lights, so far so good.

View from the jetty at Raban lake resort. My photography skill does not do justice to the actual beauty of the lake.

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