Thursday, March 7, 2013

Carryboy campervan

The name Carryboy is almost synonymous with pickup truck canopy in Malaysia. However very few Malaysian knows that Carryboy also make campervan in Thailand.

The base chassis is a Toyota Hilux single cab pickup, at 5.48m in length it is about the same length as the standard pickup body, but it is towers at 2.93m in height. With clever packaging, Carryboy managed to create a camper capable of providing sleeping berth for 5 adult size person. Amazingly they also managed to fit it out with self contained amenities like bed, aircon, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, TV, oven and water tank.
All in all, it is a very complete and impressive campervan package. The camper body is made from fiberglass based on German technology and comply to German TUV standard and Euro standard.  Carryboy also re-engineered the base Toyota Hilux to feature adjustable suspension to compensate for the load or the terrain where the camper is parked, to ensure that the camper cabin is level. This is a very important feature when you are living in the camper. With my old camper, I often have to choose my camping spot very carefully, it no fun when the camper is not level, it just make movement inside the camper so uncomfortable.

Being our ASEAN neighbour country and also part of AFTA, why is this campervan not sold in Malaysia?

The camper body fully integrated, providing in-cab access to the cabin, it also have cab-over sleeping berth for two.

The camper is only a little longer than a standard Hilux pickup, but it  is much taller, however with lightweight fiber glass the center of gravity is not as high as its stature suggest.

The airbag suspension is adjustable from the driver cab to ensure that
camper body stays level under load or when parked on uneven terrrain
The bathroom is fully equipped with shower and a potty toilet
The bathroom also has a small basin and cabinet.

The site aircon is an important feature for tropical countries like Thailand and Malaysia.  

The cab-over body provide sleeping berth for 2

The bench seat and table for day time use
The bench seat and table can be converted into a 3 berth bed

It is fully equipped with TV and DVD player

The power  panel provide control on power source selection,  on-board battery, genset power or site plug in  power. It also has battery capacity indicator water tank indicator

The camper does not have a fully fledged kitchen, but it does have a microwave oven and a  fridge.  To some campervan users, this may be a serious drawback, but in countries like Thailand and Malaysia known for great hawker food, cooking in the camper is probably rates quite low in terms priority

The toilet is the cassette type, the black water tank can be pulled out from outside to be emptied.

On-board power is provided by 2 battery, the water pump is located below the battery

The generator sits on a swing-out tray. It need to be deployed in swing-out position to operate safely.
The camper  is equipped with grey water tank, this is important for keeping the campsite clean .