Monday, January 3, 2011

Road Trip 4 ( Lenggong - Pantai Senangin )

The warning lights stayed dark so far, so it must be a case of loose connection. Now I can relax and enjoy my journey.  At  Raban lake we visited the archaeological museum that was built around an excavation site of the prehistoric burial site of the "Perak Man"
Mr Perak Man himself. The skeleton is left in situ at the site of the excavation. Unfortunately, the reflection form the perspex casing obscured the picture somewhat.

Diorama of a burial site from a more recent age.
After the museum we drove to the nearby Lata Kekabu forest park for a dip. It is only a few KM from the museum. According to information found on website, the place has camping facilities and a proper car park. Sounds promising. When we reached there found that the natural beauty of the park lives up to its promise, but the man made facilities were badly maintained and there were signs vandalism. Sadly this seems to be the main pattern of all the forest park in Malaysia.

From the main road, a short paved trail leads to the forest park.

The shallow pool near the entrance, the water is crystal clear and cool.

From Lenggong we took off to revisit Pantai Senangin at Manjung and camp there for a night. The beach is as beautiful as ever, but it is the night sky that provide a view to remember. The lack of city lights means the stars can view in all their glories, in the city sky smothered by artificial light you simply do not realised what you are missing. Sitting at the beach at night, I counted no less than 4 meteors streaking across the sky in less than an hour. Unfortunately, the night view of the sky is beyond the capability of both my camera and my skill. It was good to revisit the place, it was like seeing an old friend.

There were a lot of people coming to the beach to fish at night, at one point it actually gotten a bit crowded, but when morning came we found ourselves to be the only camper.

A lone angler at the beach in the morning. For some reason the fishes are not biting.

The morning view of in land from the beach

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