Saturday, April 7, 2012

UAZ-452 Buhanka "Bread Loaf" Van

UAZ-452 also known as Buhanka or "The Bread Loaf" in Russian - is a special four-wheel drive passenger van. If you watch any documentary involving Russian wilderness, chances is the vehicle that carries the production crew would be a UAZ-452. It is tough 4x4 van, while not pretty by any stretch of imagination, it's look has certain honest charm similar to the German Unimog. The machine is manufactured by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant since 1957. It is available as a window van or dual cab version. Body of the car can be equipped with single-wing side doors and rear folding door (door configuration depends on the version).
A fully equipped "Bread Loaf" ready for off road excursion

The main advantage of the car - versatility and loading space plus serious off road capability. The passenger body version can carry up to 10 passengers or up to 1 tonne of cargo. Built for Russian winter, it has a furnace strength heater to keep occupants warm, and numerous interior options as diverse as ambulance, mini bus, military mobile command center and campervan.

A UAZ -452 with snow tracks

A dual cab body type

The UAZ bread loaf may not be well known outside its native Russia but it is a rugged, go-anywhere and reliable vehicle, perfect for overlander application. In terms versatility and the range of add-on parts to enable it adapt to various roles, it rivals the Unimog. Which such attribute it becomes a natural candidate for the basis of go-anywhere campervan.

A pop-top campervan adaptation

A nice looking UAZ 452 camper interior

This is a "safari" campervan concept designed by an Italian company

Thule's UAZ-452 campervan design concept

Another pop-top campervan adaptation, this van could give any VW T3 Syncro campervan a run for their money  in terms of combination of living space and offroad capability

A more basic campervan adaptation, but still very usable from the look of it.


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ni link dia, terlupa lak tadi nak tulis

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The pop top are the same car and is an italian adaptation. The van is still in italy, bye

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Do you know of any camper van available for rent in Malaysia?