Friday, March 11, 2011

Bus campers in Malaysia

Bus based RV have the advantage of a space and stand up headroom, it also has the advantage of sturdiness as the chassis is designed for heavy load. There lots of examples bus conversion in other countries, but here in Malaysia such conversion is rare. However I noticed that recently there is a proliferation of bus campers on sale in, this has to be good news for people looking for such RV in Malaysia!

Bus RV 1
Nice cosy looking interior
This RV is based on a long body mini bus

Bus RV 2
Not much is known about this bus RV, but it seems like an imported unit from Japan. From the looks of the doors and windows it looks like purposed built camper rather than a conversion.

Bus RV 3
Not really a RV. This bus used to be a mobile library, it now converted into a mobile studio for on location movie shooting.
The retractable awning and strip curtain is useful for keeping the sun out and aircon interior cool!
The interior is not built for living in, but , it should be relatively easy to add in sleeping berths or even a shower/toilet with some minor alteration

Bus RV 4
Another mini bus based RV. From the presence of the roo bars, this looks like an Australian conversion
This is a very nicely done interior with permanent sleeping berths. This mean there are places to sit down even when someone is sleeping!


csccsm said...

mr chang,

i'm thinking of getting a coaster, asking rm18k in klang (ex factory shuttle bus, stil commercial).
this is to be converted to a motorhome, as shown on the pics above.
(1) is it possible to convert it as private registration?
(2) i guess the interior can be refurbished as a caravan without requesting approval?
(3) this question nothing to do with above, is a single cab truck here in peninsular only registered as commercial, it's strange cos in sabah you can get those as private vehicle...

TJ Chang said...

Converting a commercial vehicle to private use is possible but it is a messy process. Licensed coach builders may be able to do everything (convert to private use, refurbish interior legally ) for you at a price.
I think single cab truck is allowed to be registered as private vehicle in penninsular now. I have seen quite a number of single cabs 4WD running around in klang valley without commercial markings. There are also plenty of private Proton Arena which falls under this category.

Anonymous said...

hi guys.. now we can be a members RV Club Malaysia, manage by EuroVac Management Sdn Bhd, for be a members please email at or call 0172182296,

Anonymous said...

Bro, First and foremost, Thank you for the Malaysia Campervan Blog.

I am wondering off, if it is possible to buy a 1980's MiniBas (like those that once served KL roads) and coverte it at home in DIY leisure (little by little and self made)

Do you think it is possible to do legally, if yes... what do you think is the criticall step to make it legal/road worthy?

Do you think I need a bus permits for it, As my primary and only use is Personal Motorhome?

Care to enlight me with your opinion on above, thanks again :)

TJ Chang said...

the first challenge is to convert the bus to private ownership, which is possible but I am not sure what is the requirement. If you want to do it legally, you have get one of the licensed builders to draw a plan and submit to JPJ for approval. usually the licensed builders are the only one who can do the conversion legally. there really isn't much leeway for DIY in malaysia.

sam mar said...

hi, TJ,
Sam here from JB. Had been trying to build a motorhome based on a Isuzu FTS33 truck which i had buy for RM40K. Still waiting for JPJ approval which took me 6month and still counting.But it is easier if you do it yourself thru a consultant to get a lampiran B from Teknikal JPJ. so finally i can share with any DIY to convert a bus or box lorry.

FS said...

hi sam , sound interesting , how is the progress ? it's a 4x4 right ?

Samsuddin Amar said...

Hi FS,
Yep it is a 4x4 truck cab with a bus body build by HICOM. There are some bus on sale in mudah like a 4 berth bus with toilet and long lounge seat selling for RM33K just buy and drive. Roadtax are RM1,6K something a year. It been use by Shah Rukh Khan when he in malaysia b4. or a bit of work a ex Mobile library bus selling at 20K.
R u in motorhome?

TJ Chang said...

Hi Sam,
Awesome looking camper! Wow! You can go overland adventure with this rig. You have any plan to do so?

sam mar said...

Hi Tj...Yep i am wondering if you can help in [planning..hihi.
Do you had any plan to gather all that are interested in motorhome or caravan in one location.

Orang Malaya said...

Sam / TJ,
Count me in if you have plan for an 'eye ball'session. I can be contacted at 0192103148 after all I am staying in Klang only. Still waiting for my Hiace to be register.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Chang,

Would like to know whether this caravan still unsold..interested in buying, asking price please?
pls call 0123271719

TJ Chang said...

Most likely to be sold already

khuzaimah mokhtar said...

hye mr.chang, im thinking of buying toyota coaster, do you have any idea where can i get the coaster?

TJ Chang said...

I think commercial vehicle dealers should sell this type of bus.

Anonymous said...

I have had this idea for a long while to convert bus to motor-home.
I have always thought it was illegal in Malaysia as i have never seen it on the roads.
Isn't there a law against staying in your vehicle? or something like that?

sam mar said...

hi, it good to know that more people are holding into this idea and maybe we can had a RV community here in malaysia.
there are such bus here but it is limited and recently one is on sale for 33K. it had a bed for 4 ppl ,toilet,shower and sofa. formally use by shah rukh khan.
I dont think it against the law to live in a bus but chk on parking location loh....

dwtk said...

Hi and Gong Xi Fat Chai Mr Chang, i was wondering if Malaysia have website for license coach builders? would be helpful if there's one where one could refer regards,dennis.

Mr Luq said...

hi guys , i also intrested.. u can refer to this website

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

have a look at this

Yanto Kader

sam mar said...

dear DWTK,
it not common for any coachbuilder to set up a website as in Malaysia..Don't know why?? but u can try to nose around some area like in johore it is around Kempas, KL it around Segambut or Puchong.

sam mar said...

Hi Luq,
Yep u can go to stingray but it is for people with photocopy machine to print money is so expensive loh .
try local like our winghome puchong or build urself since it not that hard just take longer time frame with the tape.

sam mar said...

yes.. had seen the motorhome but to see it in Malaysia.. just a dream man...

ifwan said...

hi mr chang.. i am ifwan from seremban..i m really into this kind of traveling..i used to take my family- me my wife dan 2 twin kids (3 yrs) for a trip using my alphard.. 1st trip was genting highlands, fraser's hill and cameron highlands...all cold was great experience..second trip was shah alam, but i discovered we couldn't survive sleeping in the van as it was too hot... now i m thinking of converting my alphard to diy campervan (without toilet of course).. i m thinking of using portable air cond or cooler fan to be used in the hot night..but, the problem is about the power source.. can generator be used for that purpose as i heard air cond consume a lot of power? or u have better suggestion/ idea.. thank you:)

sam mar said...

hi ifwan,
Sam here in JB. Genset is a bit noisy but you can use dual battery system for your aircon which can be charged by solar or ur MPV.
Hope u can enjoy ur family trip more..

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm shahrin.. my friend did bought a 30k bus, convert into mobile training center with long couch, toilet n shower, and bunker bed. he put the office alarm system into his bus.. another 100k for modification.. i did help to modify it..

Samsuddin Amar said...

hi sharin,
it nice to know that. can u post some foto of the bus so we can all share it.
hope to get in touch with you.

Anonymous said...

Under what category the rv/motorhome is in

Sam Amar said...

rv.motorhome is under mobile cafe or trailer.
call me if you need more detail on RV/motorhome in malaysia.

011-12129185 sam

Abd Rahman Abd Aziz said...

Hai , Amar i am planing converting old ambulance to camper van, but not sure how to go about it.

Orang Malaya said...

Selamat Hari Raya Sam. Good to hear that the blog is still alive though not much of info that we can share. I am still keeping my Toyota Coaster.
Let's see how Rahman is going to convert the ambulance into his mobile home.

sam mar said...

Yep..Salam Raya buat sdra se family.

Wah..pastinya jalan raya sakan kot pakai coaster tu..pasti enak kan.
Yep nampaknya sdra Rahman kita baru bermula itu.
Kawan kita TJ pon dah makin slow aje...
Ok..see u then

alamesra kk said...

Mr. Chang i would like to custom some of our buses. Please contact me shall u can do the customization works. 0138338833.

Cikgu Fendi said...

Hai all caravan club members.berita baik .di Port Dickson telah diwujudkan caravan park oleh majlis perbandaran Port Dickson.saya sedang mencari rakan rakan untuk satu program perhimpunan caravan di Pantai Port Dickson.siapa yg berminat tel saya Cikgu Fendi,kita boleh bercamper dan beramah mesra antara kita.

rozy said...

hai all..mana nak beli coaster ni..

sam mar said...

hai salam rozy,
nak beli coaster ini ada susah sikit tapi ada tender govt ex tudm nk jual .kalu minat ctc saya sam.amar 011-12129185.


sam mar said...

hai salam rozy,
nak beli coaster ini ada susah sikit tapi ada tender govt ex tudm nk jual .kalu minat ctc saya sam.amar 011-12129185.


Nisar Ul Haq said...

Hi, we would like to convert our old EStima into campervan. BUt, don't know how to begin with. Anyway here wanna help out? 0122827265/

Kenneth W said...

Good day everyone, I hope you guys well.
I'm Kenneth, 19 years old, living in Klang Valley.
Me and around 10 friends of mine had a plan we started a couple of weeks ago, it was to have a bus converted to a house-on-wheels type thing in 10 years, for us to travel. (Just some teenagers' outrageous plan i guess.)
We have not plan to do this seriously, because we believe there will be many dilemmas we will face throughout the build.

here are the examples that we discussed, i would like to be guided and to understand them.
1. Is owning a renovated bus be legal in Malaysia? I've seen many examples of bus converted homes from US, UK, Australia on the internet, would like to know if such is possible to be done legally in Malaysia.
2. If 1 is possible, are there laws about the design of the bus? Like the interior, safety, weight distributions, seats for x number of passengers, etc.
3. Are there places where we can park our bus overnight and we can sleep in? And what is such place called?
4. What are the security issues about staying in such bus overnight?

Thank you in advance, hope to have a great discussion.