Thursday, July 5, 2012

Malaysian campervan/motorhome builder

Despite growing interest in campervan lifestyle in Malaysia, there isn't any local manufacturers who specialized in building campervan or motorhome for the retail market. Of the few campervans in Malaysia, most are fully imported units, Malaysia Motorhome used to have a fleet which was custom built for their rental business, unfortunately the company has since winded up years ago. There are also a few one-off and some DIY campers here and there. If you want to buy a new campervan that is built and fully supported locally, you are out of luck.

However this is about to change, a local company called Wing Motorhome has recently embarked on an effort to build and sell a locally designed series production campervan model. The company is a brainchild of a gentlemen who preferred to be simply addressed as Ah Wing. I made a visit to his workshop where he is building his campervan model based on Chana light pickup truck chassis. In his workshop the very first unit is already in an advanced stage of construction. The body frame, panels, interior fittings are all fabricated in-house. The windows, air vent and doors are imported and they are specially made for cameprvan application. The end result is a very professional product. It is worth noting that Wing Motorhome can customize their basic design as per customer's requirement.The unit in construction is already booked by a customer who want to use it as a mobile office. According to Wing Motorhome, this is their entry level model which is designed to sleep 4 persons, with a kitchenette, shower/toilet, washing basin, water tank with pressure sensitive electric pump, AC and DC electric power circuit, an AC powered aircon. The base Chana pickup has a 1.5 litre petrol engine, manual transmission. A completed unit is expected to cost RM 60-70K depending on the level of interior fittings.

Wing Motorhome is blazing a trail, they have plan to launch middle size and large size models in the future. For Malaysians who want to get into the motorhome life style, this has to be one of the most exciting development in local campervan industry. You can contact Wing Motorhome at +60102266456.

The JPJ approved engineering plan of Wing Motorhome entry level campervan model

The campervan started life as a bare ladder chassis

The perimeter frame takes shape

Installation of floor board

The frame is fleshed out with aluminum panels

Interior fittings begin to take shape. This is going to be the kitchenette

Cabinets and stowage compartments

The window has built in, retractable netting and blind combination. With the plexiglass panel opened, you can choose between a blind or a netting, or a combination half blind and half netting.

The door actually consist of and outer and inner doors. The outer frame is a panel door with window. The inner door is actually a grill door with netting for maximum ventilation. This is very important in the tropical climate of Malaysia

The external lockable stowage compartment, ideal for a small generator

The window from inside

Besides the over-cab version shown above, there is also a van body camper based on a Jin Bei van in prototype stage. According to Wing Motorhome, the interior layout of this prototype is not optimum and there will be a revised design to be released in the future.
The base vehicle is Jin Bei van, the body remain standard

The prototype's kitchenette and washing basin is located behind the driver's seat.

A close up of the the kitchenette

A disadvantage of this location is that it make access from driver's cab to the rear cabin diffcult

The seats are standard seats repositioned, however the final design will feature a custom made seats which can be converted into bed.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Mr Chang. All I can say, this is superb! Never thot that there would be Malaysian in Malaysia that actually travel in campervan. Love to see more from Wing Motorhome..and of course from u as well :-)

Keep sharing your wonderful stories will u? Tx


Anonymous said...

WOW..this is good start for caravan style in Malaysia. At last,there's a company which got approved design from JPJ..

Wanna get one soon :)


ROSALAN said...

tq for this info n blog......hope u can make a groop at facebook

Anonymous said...

mr chang,
i noticed that your Dyna caravan is up for sale.
i'm saddened to see you exit the RV lifestyle, just as i'm about to be fed with invaluable info thru yr blogsite.
i hope, i made a mistake in jumping into conclusion & you are merely upgrading.
anyway, glad to know you thru this interest...

TJ Chang said...

I am not bowing out. This is just a stop along the journey. I am looking out for another campervan actually, but I am in no hurry :)

Roz Hussin said...

I'm a Malaysian living in the US. My hubby and I have done multiple cross-country camping road trips in the US, and are planning to do one in Malaysia sometime. Besides custom fitting a van, are popups like these allowed in Malaysia?
And do you think there is a way to manufacture campers like this in Malaysia? Email me if you are interested in collaborating, or if you have feedback/comments.

Adnanlr said...

Glad to know local entrepreunership in Wingmotorhomes is alive. I am keen to kickstart a personal project which has been delayed for a while.

Thanks !

cippon said...

hi, where the location of wing motorhome shop in malaysia.


TJ Chang said...

Wing's motorhome workshop is at Puchong Gateway, Jalan Suria Puchong 1. It is also a commercial van dealership for JinBei and Era vans.

Anonymous said...

Wing Motorhome selling the ERA motorhome for RM 60K in mudah.

I am newbie for motorhome and i dream to have one, but now is not the timing because just brought home.


Anonymous said...

Hi TJ, you took the trouble to illustrate how campervan /motorhome was build which is awesome. I was wondering if Wing Motorhome build a stand alone caravan and how much will is cost and can my Nissan Navara 4x4 tow it?
Tks/Rgds CK Wong

TJ Chang said...

Wing Motorhome has no plan to build caravan trailer, which requires a different JPJ certification. An easier way is to get a standard trailer and mount a roof top tent on it.

Anonymous said...

Hi TJ, you prompt reply is indeed much appreciated. Tks/Rgds CK Wong.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chang

I am Singaporean and is looking for a new campervan in Malaysia for sale. Do you know where I can get it?


TJ Chang said...

Hi Doris,
If I am not mistaken, campervan is not allowed in Singapore. So if you bought one you will need to keep/store it in Malaysia. If you are interested you can call Mr Chan +60102266456 of Wing Campervan to discuss on the kind of option that is available. Alternatively you may search there are ocassional units pop up on sale.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Chang,

I'm interested on a campervan (I'm not really sure if I choose the right word) but run on 4x4 (diesel), sleep 4 adults, complete with facilities like those in your blog.

Zulkifli Zakaria - 019-221-7732 or

Anonymous said...

I drove one in NZ @ 8-13 Mar. It was Ford Transit, sleeps 6 pax. I love the facilities and lay put but wish it is 4x4....

Vince said...

Can I get a bus and convert it?

KayO said...

Love your blogs. I am seriously thinking of getting a motorhome but my wife and family seemed reluctant. I assume that is due to their inability to imagine how to live in a motorhome. Is there anywhere in Klang Valley that I can rent one and try it out over the weekend? Thanks again for the useful advice and stories throughout you blog. Keep up the good work!

daniel simmons said...

I have converted over 80 vans in both Australia and New Zealand. I have the ability to transform any van into a campervan. If you wish to see any photos of my work please inbox me. I will be moving to Malaysia at the end of the year and can prepare and rent campervans for any length of time. Let me know if you're interested.

TJ Chang said...

Great to hear that Daniel! And welcome to Malaysia!

Aqran said...

Hi Mr Simmons, im Khairul from Caravan And Camping Industry Association Malaysia. We would like to hear more from you regarding your works. Please contact us at or you can contact our representatives in Sydney, NSW Mustahir Turau at +6140334053. Thanks.

Victor Yeow said...

Its a pity that Malaysia does not have camper van parking facilities unlike in most European cities. I think Malaysia has a lot to offer in terms of discovering Malaysia in a Motorhome. This would be another great way to promote tourism in Malaysia.

Vince said...

Hi Mr. Simmons I am very interested. In fact I am about to get a ford transit. Pls email me

Gangesh Nathan said...

Hello, Khairul,

I am keen to join Caravan And Camping Industry Association Malaysia, how can I go about doing it?
Also Mr Simmons, how can I get in touch with you?

Gangesh Nathan said...

Hello, Khairul,

I am keen to join Caravan And Camping Industry Association Malaysia, how can I go about doing it?
Also Mr Simmons, how can I get in touch with you?

Sanjugtha Vigneswaran said...

Hi Mr.Chang,

My name is Sanju and I am writing a story on mobile homes. I do hope you can help me with some insights and comments. Please contact me

Mdnoor shariff said...

This is my 2 bit opinion;

M'sia is not condusive yet for caravan/mobile home lifestyle for reasons as follows;

1. West M'sia is a smallish country. Any place we go, we have friends/relatives. They shall be very adamant if we do not sleep in their homes! Once in penang, we stayed in nice beach hotel, our chinese friend just came, packed our things and took us to his home! We still remembered his caustic comment,
" Do you think we are chekkai to let you stay in hotel!"

2. Govt / local authorities do not provide suitable parks (c/w water and electric sources). for parking caravans/mobile homes.

3. In mid/late 1900s, caravans/motorhomes used to be very expensive. I still remember, a motor royale (caravan based on volkswagon chasis) costed almost rm300k, costlier than a mercedes! And hard to obtain loan for this type of mobile homes!

4. Middle class goes for landed properties, for living and investment, particularly for salaried workers where financial assistances /housing loans are easily accessible/affordable.

5. Mobile living is not as luxurious as landed homes, particularly to children / big families and extended families. We, asian, have filial duties and mobile homes style is difinitely not condusive for old folks.

However, now things changed. Hopefully, the above constraints are slowly gone away, mitigated or redressed!

I love to have one as mobile home cum office!

Mikky32 said...

Hi, I'm from Singapore and would love to own motorhome.
I don't mind to park at Malaysia since i have lots of relative there. Few questions....

1) is Malaysia allow for caravan/campervan?
2) Where can I purchase it?

Thank you in advance for your reply!

Anonymous said...

I want to buy second hand motor home....where I can get 1?

sam mar said...

Hi..Just go thru and maybe u can find one for sale...If u r lucky????
or contact wing motorhome Puchong....

Better still get a van and turn it into motorhome with JPJ long u dont mind the up and down of document shifting.
send me a email and i post u more detail.

sam mar said...

Hi..Just go thru and maybe u can find one for sale...If u r lucky????
or contact wing motorhome Puchong....

Better still get a van and turn it into motorhome with JPJ long u dont mind the up and down of document shifting.
send me a email and i post u more detail.

Calvin De Rozario said...

Hi Sam, I was thinking of getting a second hand 1 tonne lorry and converting it possible?

sam mar said...

yep...calvin it is posible but u nned to register it as a box or luton lorry...u ttying to go private or commercial??

cheap roadtax n 6 month puspakom inspection is to commercial
higher roadtax n insurance for private

best of luck on your decision..hihihi.

atsing said...

Hi. I m interested in your caravan. Glad you can build in local. Would sure visit your work shop next year together with my wife. My number 0129695699(Lee) can you sms me your address. Thk you

John said...

Motorhome airconditioners... I was wondering if they sell them in Malaysia and even have custom installation?

Calvin De Rozario said...

Thanks Sam.Sorry for the late reply. Was just wondering,is it possible to modify the drivers cabin in order to get excess to the back. Would JPJ approve such thing?

Orangkita said...

Hi, if don't mind please share where to buy the motorhome parts and accessory for interior and exterior setup. Thanks

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ClarkJones said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. Im interested in diy campervan but Im from Singapore. May I know is there a way to park malaysia car in malaysia for free once we get back home in singapore? And also is it possible for us to modify our van ourselves but with the advise from your company? If so, will the price still be the same or cheaper? Would prefer to do it ourselves but need some advise as we go along. Also lastly, I would like to know the total cost of it.