Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trailer camper anyone?

Trailer camper is a good alternative to full sized caravan due to its lighter weight and more compact dimension that made it easier to handle and more feasible for smaller car to tow. If you are one who like to camp at some off road location, trailer camper is definitely for you. They are very popular in Australia, unfortunately we have yet to see any in Malaysia. The good news is that there are a lot of manufacturer in China that build this type of camper and they don't cost that much, but the challenge is to bring it into Malaysia.

The JPJ rules for such trailer is not too complicated:
  1. Trailer will need to be sent for Puspakom for one time inspection and to be issued with a registration card from JPJ. It need a number plate like a car, the road tax is around RM50/year, and I think it also need to be insured according to its value.
  2. The registration card will identify the number plate of the vehicle that will tow it. This means  it is matched to a designated vehicle only. On the trailer there will be two registration plate, the trailer's own and the towing car. If there is a change of towing vehicle, the registration card will need to be updated.
  3. The towing car will need to have a tow hook and electrical connection jack for tail lights and brake lights. 

One problem with ordering such products from China is that the manufacturers usually set a minimum units before they entertain any orders. Wingmotorhome is offering to import it in batch and to provide services to send them to Puspakom inspection and JPJ registration, insurance and ready to be on the road for RM8899. If you are interested, please register your interest in the reader's comment for this article with your name and contact number, if we can enough people who wants it  it will feasible to import them.

 This model is fully equipped with all the amenities, you only need to fill up the water tank, throw in your luggages, hook up to your car and you can go.

  • Surface finish: fully powder coated finish
  • Suspension: independent suspension
  • Wheel: 3 three new off road 235/75R15 tires with 6 studs steel Ford rim,
  • Jockey wheel: Heavy duty style
  • Protection: All access doors are lockable and water/dust proof
  • Tent: High quality 13OZ canvas roof and side walls. Sand fly & midge proof window screen
  • Cooker system: Stainless steel kitchen top and stainless steel sink
  • Water system: Stainless steel water tank and electric water pump

Detailed description of trailer parts:
  1. Coupling: loading capacity: 2000KG, in accordance with Australian Standard Handbrake: hand braking with coupling
  2. Wheel & tire:15 rims and 235/75R15 tires, stud hubs (include 1 spare tire), in accordance with Australian standard and DOT standard
  3. Axle: 45mm solid round axle
  4. Hub: with electric brakes
  5. Suspension:6 leaf spring,45*6mm eye to eye
  6. Jockey wheel: heavy duty solid steel jockey wheel
  7. Trailer plug: 7-pin round or flat plugs as per Australian standard
  8. Led taillight
  9. Water tank: 60L stainless steel water tank
  10. Electric water pump: use for water tank
  11. Kitchen: kitchen top and stainless steel kitchen sink
  12. Winch: PP webbing 8m used to wind camper closed, loading capacity:1000KG
  13. Gas strut: lift up bed base to hold open
  14. Tool box: 1160 X550X485mm (LXWXH)
  15. Lock and key: all access doors are key lockable, seals for all doors
  16. Drawer: two drawers
  17. 1xGas bottle holder: Standard 9KG gas bottle holder
  18. 1xStandard 20L Jerry can holder
  19. 2X wind down rear stabilizer legs