Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My campervan road trip at New Zealand

In few days time I will be embarking on a campervan road trip at New Zealand. The land of the long white clouds has been a dream campervan destination for me. This journey has been in the planning for almost a year, after all the hunting for cheap airfare, the right time to take leave, to coincide with my children school holiday, find the best campervan hiring deal and the planning.May happens to be last month of autumn and many camperver rental companies offer low season prices, some give as much as 50% discount compared to prices in summer, which is consider peak season for the industry.

Initially I looked for the lowest price for cameprvan hiring, but then I found out that the cheaper campervans are mostly equipped for the warmer season only. With the colder season, you will need one with proper insulation and equipped with a gas/diesel heater, otherwise it will be too cold live in! Then there is question of camping site. In NZ, there are sites which are on public land, gazetted for wild camping and free of charge. The condition is that the camper must self contained, with waste water holding tank and sewage holding tank, it must also carries a certification sticker to shows that it is licensed to camp at these gazetted public campsite.

I booked a Koru 6 berths camper for my family of 5. This will be our home for the 10 days journey there!

The all important sticker if you planned to camp on public land gazetted for camping

Since the destination of my flight at Auckland, my road trip will be on the north island. I planned to explore the southern part first and then travel up to the north and then back to Auckland complete the journey, 10 days in all. I will strive to update as much as possible when on my road trip there.