Saturday, January 28, 2012

Land Rover campervan !

This rare Land Rover Series campervan was recently spotted at Mudah.My in Malaysia. It looks like a proper conversion with open body joint with the cab. This must be one of the rarest Landrover boby type I have ever seen; at least in Malaysia. Curiously, there is a wire mesh panel over the cab, it will give excellent ventilation for the bunk there probably negating the need for air conditioning, especially in tropical climate. In a rain storm however, it will be a problem and I am not sure if it can be sealed from in side. The condition of the camper looks excellent and well preserved. Being a Landrover, parts and services will not be a problem here in Malaysia, and it will take the owner to places where ordinary camper will not be able to reach! With some appropriate accessory, it has the potential to be a serious overlander.

The camper body is more than just an add-on to the chassis. Note how the cab is joint to the body, giving it internal access between the camper body and the driver's cab
The driver's cab is standard.

Curiously, the back consist of van doors instead of windows. This lead to my suspicion that it may have started out life as Luton body van and was subsequently converted into a camper style body.

I was curious that similar Series III camper may be more common in other country, however after much trawling on the internet, this is the closest I can get to a Series III camper. It was advertised on eBay in the UK. It is not an actual camper, it is a Luton body but with potential to be converted to a camper.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A long lost campervan twin

It is rare to see any campervan on Malaysian road, it is even rarer to see another campervan of the same model and type. A few days ago I happen to see just that. On my way back from Cyberjaya, I caught sight of a familiar shape at Puchong Gateway shops. On closer look, it turns out to be a campervan of the same type as my own, except that this particular unit is no longer being used as it was designed for. Instead, it looks like a motor racing team is using it as a support van to carry parts and tools to race track. When I inspect the camper closely, I found that it is not in a happy state, most of its interior fittings has been gutted, the aircon, fridge, cabinets and even the table are gone, the only redeeming part is that it has a spiffy set of wheels! I really do hope that it will find a home where it will be restored to its former glory and roam the roads in Malaysia as a campervan again.

Another former Malaysian Motorhome campervan found on the road

The exterior bodywork is in surprisingly original condition

The windscreen seems to have replaced. The original screen has more curvature, the current screen is almost flat

The driver cab is still in very good condition, but sadly the cupboards, washing sink, cabinets and the table are gone

It is begging to be restored to be a campervan again

The wheels are bigger than the originals, but they looks great.