Friday, April 1, 2011

More 4x4 campervans conversion

The Mitsubishi L300 4x4 van is often considered a poor man's VW Syncro Transporter. Although it does not have the standard differential lockers like that VW Syncro, it is still a capable off road van. The first generation L300 4x4 is unique because it has a bolt-on body on ladder frame chassis ( subsequent generations has monocoque body/chassis ). The bolt-on body made it possible to body-lift using lift blocks, when combined with suspension lift and big tyres, it not only improve the ground clearance, it also gave the van a Tonka toy car like appeal.

I have soft spot for L300 4x4 van because I use one for my daily use, I keep the suspension standard except for slightly larger tyres, the overall height is just below 2m, low enough to squeeze into underground and multi stories car parks.

My L300 4x4, I am looking to make this into a part time camper where I can use it for daily driving as well

A L300 with body and suspension lift
Another beautifully preserved L300 with mildly lifted suspension
Another well equipped L300 4x4 ready for off road action

I like the roof rack and the side ladder!

In my other posting Go-anywhere-camper-conversion, I showed an example of how someone converted a L300 4x4 into an off road camper. Here I have listed a few more example of how this 4x4 van can be converted into variety of different camper layout.

This L300 has a pop-top roof and a fully furnished interior
The pop top provide standing room when on site

Beautifully built cupboards and seating/bedding

View towards the rear form driver seat

Driver's cab is standard

This L300 is not a 4x4 variant, but it has the same body as the 4x4. Instead of a pop-top, it has a flip top roof.
This example uses forward hinged flip top, probably easier to deploy but give less head room

Side view of the flip top

Interior view. The board with round metal fitting is the table in stowed position

Clever use of rear door create an extra annex living space with standing headroom

Well equipped kitchen

This example is not a fully fledged camper, the interior is practically unchanged, but it has an interesting side-flip top that unfold laterally to provide sleeping area. The sleeping platform also serves as awning for the car. This should appeal to the more minimalist motor campers among us.
The side flip top looks like it can support two berth sleeping

The flip top folded

Another view of the flip top

The interior is untouched, the original seats are still in place

This L300 4x4 camper is designed with one purpose in mind, that is to provide no fuss sleeping for two. But it seems like the owner also like his sound system, so there is special shelf just to hold up the two speakers!!
Standard looking exterior
Rear view
Wood frame platform for full width and full length bed

Lots of room to spread out

The owner can live without all the rest of usual amenities found in other campervans, but he must have his HiFi speakers!

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TJ Chang said...

My L300 is my current daily driver, any work on it will have to wait til I have a long break :)

azam saad said...

Hi Mr T.
Good work on the blog,provided much info, my dream is to travel the whole east coast of Malaysia on a camper myself, but it seems to be a longshot.Well i've been searching/researching for a good cheap reliable transport
This L300 whats the model name for it ?
Mitsubitshi Delica L300 ? and what year is it ?
It do seems to look like the VW T3 Syncro.
My hope that in a few years i could afford either one of this for my projects. Mitsubishi seems a great choice.

Great job again.

Hairul Nizam said...

MR TJ..u punya L300 tu tak mau jual ka?

TJ Chang said...

U berminat? :)

Hairul Nizam said...

minat juga kalau kena pada harga..

TJ Chang said...

Hi Hairul,
Please let me know your email.

rahman said...

When i was a kid watching western movie, i was excited whenever i watched people travel with caravans or Rv's.

Now a grown up person i am always looking forward to be able to travel the peninsular Malaysia with caravan.

Now i am the owner of a homestay-guesthouse nearby Legoland Johor Bahru, at Taman Bukit Indah , just a 7 min drive to Legoland and 15 minutes to Puteri Harbour.

40 minutes to Pendas Mangrove Reserve Forest in Nusajaya.

Here we have 20acres recreation park with ample parking at night but no facilities for caravan.

love to read your blog post Chang!

Hairul Nizam said...

DIY Homeschooling said...

TJ Saya minat. Brape harga / kos ?

WILL DAKAR said...

Hi there,
I am wondering where you got the images of the 2x4 express flip roof? It looks exactly the same as my one but mine is in bad condition.
im just trying to find out if its the same vehicle

Teh Saadiah Score A said...

Would like to suggest a spacious location for Malaysian Campers. A place where you can BBQ whole lambs and such. Beautiful location. Please whatsapp me only so I can send location.

Teh Saadiah Score A said...

Sorry forgot to provide my number 0122373769 Teh

lightice said...

Where can I find one in Malaysia?
Been trying to find a 4WD van, but can't seem to find any for sale.