Wednesday, December 15, 2010

VW Classic Microbus Conversion

Mr Khoo Teng Tsen is a serious VW Microbus collector. His collection can be viewed at, but what really interest me is his conversion of one of his Microbus into a campervan, while it not a fully fledged conversion like Westfalia, it is still an impressive piece of work.

The bus has been updated with ceiling aircon vents to cope with the local climate.
The interior configured as table and benches
In sleeping berth configuration.

All bench seats configuration

Khoo(in batik) posing with his pride and joy

Great looking "hippie van"!


Anonymous said...

i love your blog, and one day i hope to own a campervan too.


Khoo10cents said...

Hi Chang, this is Khoo, the owner of this VW. Thanks for the comments! For more pictures of my VWs, please search "Khoo10cents" in Flickr. I also started my own blog but not much contents yet...You can also contact me at Cheers!

VW Bug Collector said...

Hey Chang!...I managed to get my VW T3 Syncro, if you have facebook, add me under TengTsen Khoo to see the pics...we should meet up one day...I would like to see your 4WD Delica too

Calv Lim said...

This its Cool!