Friday, January 25, 2013

ERA based campervan built in Malaysia

Here's the update on the campervan built by WingMotorhome based on the Chana (aka Changan ) Era light pickup chassis. The prototype is fully completed and it is now waiting for type approval from JPJ Malaysia so that it can be sold as variant model of Chana Era, not just for road legal purpose, but also enable it to be sold as fully built new vehicle instead of a one-off modification, the JPJ type approval also enable it to qualify for auto finance. This give prospective buyers the option of hire purchase as opposed to paying the full cost up front.

This camper comes with a bathroom/toilet, sleeping berths for four, aircon, water tank powered by electric pump.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Great 3D modelling tool

For DIY campervan builders, the first step is the need to visualise how the interior layout is going to be. The old school method is to use cardboard mock up to give a sense of the actual dimension of the fittings. This no doubt is the best method, but not the easiest, especially if you want to explore several alternatives that are radically different from each other.

There are 3d modelling tools around, one of the best and free one is Sketchup. Originally a Google product, it was taken over by Trimble, a name more well known in the GPS circle.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Perodua Rusa campervan conversion

See how Captain Wong convert his Rusa van into a camper with minimalist, yet practical approach.

Follow this link to read Captain Wong's blog on his project