Monday, December 27, 2010

Dreaming about overlander camper!

A secondhand car yard in Kerling, Serendah is full of ex-army vehicles such as this.

Hardcore offroad enthusiasts will recognise the awesome capability of the portal axles
I found this Pinzgauer on a few months back. From the photo it looks to be in excellent condition, It is a right hand drive unit, so I guess it must be decommissioned from the Malaysian army. I starting dreaming again when I looked at the picture, an overlander camper perhaps? Hmm... once I convert the semi-open body into a 2- person cabin, I should be ready to roll........crossing the Tibetan highland, the Russian steppes, the African Serengeti...... Some day... I will do it.... .


Anonymous said...

Motorhome / caravan is legal or illegal in malaysia ?
Can we convert Van to caravan ?
Do JPJ approve ?

TJ Chang said...

Caravan or motorhome or campervan is legal here. My campervan is classified as van with caravan body. Caravan trailer is classified as trailer, with RM50 roadtax per year. Puspakom also has a category for caravan/campervan. Converting a van to a campervan will required a technical plan prepared by licensed coach builders ( the smae people who design buses, luton van etc ) and to be submitted to JPJ for approval, the plan has to include the interior layout as well. Once the plan is approved, the body can be modified. I knew a guy who converted a bus into a mobile studio for movie shoot on location.

dragonking said...

i like your blog, used to rent a campervan while traveling in Australia and New Zealand, i love this kind of traveling style. hoping one day i will get a used van to convert to campervan and travel freely like you. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chang,

I love to see Pinzgauer 716M converted to motorhome since it is 4x4.

Basically, how much it cost to get it done, ready for adventure? I'm seriously looking into this possibility.

BTW, I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

How can I get a licensed coach builder?