Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hippie Van

I saw this VW campervan at PJ SS2 Paramount. From far it looks like a regular bay window, but I soon noticed that there is something extra on the roof and the spare type at the front hint that it is something special. It turned out to be a fully fledged VW campervan, not an original Westfalia, but an Australian conversion. The van has certainly seen better days, but all of its camper equipment and parts are still there, and it looks road worthy. Like an aging flower child from the 60's, it may have grizzled with age but it remained stubbornly independent and unbowed.

I wished I have gotten to meet it's owner. There must be many interesting story to be told about this campervan. I sincerely hope that it will be continue to roam on the road and continue to explore the world and bring back tales of travels and adventure.

The first give-away is the bull bar mounted spare tyre

The campervan was parked at the Shell Petrol station at PJ SS2 Paramount

The gas tank compartment and water filler cap are clearly visible. The stickers tells us its past journeys at the state of Victoria, Australia.

Even thought the body is rust streaked, it looks to be in good shape.

The pop top looks like it has not been deployed for a long time.

The site power socket is of the Australian type


wai yien chu said...

I would love to buy a motor home one day...

Chibi Maruko said... i also love travelling with the car, we modified our MPV for a road trip.