Thursday, July 26, 2012

LandRover Ambulance as campervan?

Purpose built ambulance is a natural candidate for campervan conversion. It has the interior space designed to carry people on stretcher. Most have standing room for paramedics to perform their duty. Most come with dual alternators to power the emergency equipments. Military spec ambulance are even more interesting due to their need to have some sort of off-road capabilities. In one of previous post, I have written about another Landrover conversion which is based on a Luton van body, however a factory built body is always better because it is properly designed engineered to match the chassis.

Recently a Landrover based ambulance is spotted at It was previously operated by the Malaysian Red Crescent as an civilian ambulance, from the look of the photo posted on the site,  it looks like the Defender 127 ambulance type. Which means it is is factory built ambulance body. While the photo is sketchy, I managed to find other photos of the same body type. This would be an ideal candidate for an overlander expedition camper with minimal modification! While it may not offer standing room in it's interior, it is sufficiently roomy to accommodate living space for two person.

This is the posted picture of the Defender 127 on sale on

This is a sample picture of the same type.

The rear gate.

The interior has room for four on stretchers, but it will very cramped. There is really no proper standing room, except for people with compact frame.

For those of us who own a Land Rover with standard wagon body type, it is still possible to build a cosy camper without any modification to the original body structure.  Below is another example of how a standard Landy can transformed into a very livable campervan.


Anonymous said...

Hi TJ,
Thanks for the post entries on the above.
That LR Defender 110 registered under Bulan Sabit Ambulance which was earlier donated from the Health Ministry. Thus, the duties excise & import is not paid. Whatever the price of the vehicle, be prepared to add RM9k to the final negotiation deal.


faizal mohd zulkifli said...

Hi TJ. i also have pics of our malaysian military land rover ambulance. taken in junkyard. i was walking around there & found this land rover ambulance. Although according to the worker its a standard 110" wheel base but i doubt as its longer. unfortunately no document/paper can't be on the its waiting to be scrap metal

shall i mail u the pics?

TJ Chang said...

Hi Faizal, It will be great if you can email me the picture of th Landrover ambulance. I know many Landrover ambulance sit on 130 chassis instead of 110.