Sunday, February 19, 2012

My campervan at Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson

My son has been asking for a father-son outing in our campervan, which has been sitting idle at my house for a few months. He wanted to go to Cameron Highland, but I only have 2 free days and it is too short for driving up to the highland for just an overnight trip. In the end we settled for Tajung Tuan at Port Dickson, a place we have never camped before. The cape extends into the Malacca straits and has two beaches on each side. The northern side is called Pantai Biru also known as Blue Lagoon but it is really a cove instead of a Lagoon, the beach itself is less than a Km wide. Whereaas the southern beach, which is called Pantai Cermin, is at least about 4-5 Km wide. However, Pantai Biru is the better beach of the two and it attract more beach goers, at high tide during a clear day it really lives up to it's name with emerald-blue clear sea water. At low tide however the sea floor reveals itself to be muddy instead of plain sand, while it looks unappealing to the eyes, it is full of life with little crabs and small shell fishes lining the exposed sea floor. The Ilham resort is built at the same side and it takes up almost 1/3 of the beach front, however the beach itself is fully accessible to the publics. I parked my campervan at a grass field near the beach it was a really nice place to spend and night and wake up in the morning.

My son owning the entire beach in the morning.

My camper on the grass field at the end of the public access road to the beach. 
There are plenty of water sport available.

The mangroves in the background is part of the protected forest at the tip of the cape.


AieSha said...

hello sir...

i love travelling by campervan too. but i don't have one yet. maybe soon. so far, me n my wife drive a kancil and when we stopped, we will set up a tent.

by the way, nice to mee u sir..

Azizan Zolkipli said...

campervan might be my mode of transportation & travel later on. right now, i'm sticked hardly on bicycle touring for travelling ...

TJ Chang said...

I used to go bicycle touring when I was studying. Lots of good memory.

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