Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mini car campervan conversion concept

Small cars camper conversion are interesting because it presents the challenge of providing maximum amenities with the minimum of space. In the UK there was a company that sell a campervan conversion kit  under the name of Wild Goose for the original Mini panel van/estate variant. From the look of picture it seems to be a viable camper for travelling. It has a pop-up top to extend the interior space to provide  full standing head room.

The mini Wild Goose campervan conversion
Below are the original Wild Goose brochures.

Fiat's own mini car the Fiat 500 also have mini camper concept, but is a trailer caravan type. The dimension of the trailer matches the towing vehicle and it was cute as a button. Unfortunately, it was a one off  that was conceived as a marketing and publicity tool for Fiat to show their 500 can be life style car. The caravan was so compact that there is no standing headroom, from the look of it, one would have to contort himself just to get in through the door. It was never mass produced.
A Fiat 500 with a matching caravan!

Here in Malaysia, Perodua have in the past, brought in special van  from their technology parent Daihatsu. It was a walk-in van based on their Mira mini car platform. Perodua even changed the cosmetic panels to their local Kancil version for study. They were probably exploring the possibility of make a Kancil variant for commercial use, with stand up room. However, the concept never made it to production. If it has, it would have been a possible candidate for small car campervan conversion in Malaysia!

The original Daihatsu walk-in van Mira variant in Japan. This variant is for Japan's domestic market only.
The Perodua Kancil's version of the walk-in van

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