Monday, March 5, 2012

Mark Ruffin's campervan project

Mark Ruffin is an American living in Malaysia. But he has been here for so long that, he is for all practical purpose, a Malaysian or more specifically, a Melakan. He wanted to take a road trip in a campervan around Malaysia, and he figured that the best way to do this is to convert his Toyota Hiace into a camper himself. You can follow Mark's project at his blog . By the way, Mark runs a restaurant at Melaka, be sure to check out the place when you visit the town.

Below is the the pictures of Mark's Toyota Hiace in the early stages of conversion.


sam.a said...

hi chang it nice knowing tats malaysian can also do i love to drive around in one but i prefer landrover. still working on it. hope you will stay active in promoting this hobby. jst cant wait when you start a motorcaraving club..hihihi.

DM Sulong said...

Hi TJ Chang,
I've been following your blogs with much interest. I'm planning to convert my '95 model Ford Transit semi hi-roof lwb van to campervan. However, I still couldn't find maintenance free deep cycle batteries. Most of battery dealers in Klang Valley didn't understand about deep cycle battery. Other items in my wish list are 12vdc water pump, roof vents and porta potty. Appreciate if you could advice on these matter. Tq.

TJ Chang said...

There is one brand of deep cycle battery on sale in malaysia called Optima, you can get it from 4WD shops, but it is expensive because it is a very high quality type for powering electric winch. For water pump you can buy online from Amazon or other camper parts dealer online. Same goes for porta potty. I got mine from a friend who went to Australia for holiday. Roof vent is available from bus builders locally, but I am not sure if they sell it as parts.

DM Sulong said...

Thanks for the advice. Hope to start my campervan project soon.