Thursday, December 1, 2011

A VW splitty camper with the reliability of a Toyota HiAce?

a rare westfalia vw campervan in malaysia

A VW type 2 splitty van commands a premium price in Malaysia these days. It's main draw is it iconic look, which has deeply ingrained into the collective pop culture consciousness. In nine of out ten references to vans in any comics or commercial graphics, you will find the unmistakable image of the VW type 1 van with its friendly "smiling face". However, the splitty van is also a very old model and it is not easy to keep it on the road. Some critical parts can be hard to get and not every enthusiasts has the budget or time to keep it in road worthy condition. Wouldn't it be great if the type 2 van is as reliable as a Toyota HiAce van, as easy to find parts? This is exactly what a Japanese did with a HiAce van, with some body modification, he made a garden variety HiAce van into a smart Type 2 van lookalike. While it won't fool any VW van enthusiasts who worth their salt, it is a surprisingly effective conversion. Now, if the owner will just put an artifical center pillar to the windscreen, it would give it that split screen look.

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Sam here. And nice blog you have here :)

Can i know if it's possible to buy a VW Bus Type 2 in Malaysia now? I have no idea where and how much it would cost to get one as it's very rare here. You can contact me at Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much.