Monday, December 19, 2011

Great Wall Campervan

Most campervan on the market are the results of custom made bodies built on bare chassis from vehicle manufacturers. However Great Wall Motors of China took a different path, they produced a complete campervan as one of their product line. One that is ready to be driven away for road trip from the showroom. It is based on Great Wall's dual cab LWB pickup truck with a fully equipped interior. It comes with roof mounted site aircon, a bathroom/toilet, a kitchen stove and sink, a full time double bed  over the passengers cab and 2 bunks at the back for a total of 4 sleeping berths. It even comes standard with a LCD TV, fridge and microwave oven. The export models runs on a Mitsubishi 2.4 Litre petrol engine delivering 100KW of power and 200Nm of torque, turbo diesel engine is also available as an option. It is almost 6m long and 2m wide with a 3.9m wheel base, the height is 2.9m. The Hiluxs, Rangers and Tritons on road will be made to feel like Kancils when faced with this behemoth on the road.

I am not sure how much it cost, but I sure hope that a local distributor will consider importing it to Malaysia.

The factory made body is well integrated to the chassis.
This side view gives us an idea of the length of the camper. Take a look at the wheel base, I have never seen any pickup truck in Malaysia with that kind of dimension. Maneuvering this camper will be challenging.

19" LCD TV is standard

Bunks at the back


Anonymous said...

Hi , just wondering if it possible to register a motor home or tow a caravan in malaysia.

TJ Chang said...

Yes it is possible and legal.

Anonymous said...

I've send an email to orangegreen sdn bhd, distributor for wingle great wall motor in malaysia, requesting them to import this model. However no reply from the company. Maybe the company will pay more attention if more email asking about the wingle motorhome.

TJ Chang said...

This would be a very niche model if there were to import it, but if there is reasonable demand, I am sure someone will be willing to supply. Which is why I started a survey on this blog on the left column.

Anonymous said...

I really want to own this motorhome, form a club fan and travel in group. Let us make a reasonable demand. I suggest for those who are interested with this Wingle Motorhome model, send message to Malaysia Great Wall distributor through their facebook account at

Abdaziz2020 said...

yup, shared very much the same idea like you. since my last trip to States almost 10yrs ago, I hv thinking that it will be great if someone can start this caravan/campervan project. It can be for rental as well but at a reasonable rate.
nowadays more and more malaysians opts for mpv for travelling long distance. And sometime they like to stop for a break or go some somewhere else along their destination for sight-seeing. Even with mpv, it can be inconvenience to them to rest in the crampy car or even mpv. if caravan/campervan offers bed, nice sofa for resting and also their is place to do little cooking or even BBQ, this is gonna be hit...