Sunday, January 15, 2012

A long lost campervan twin

It is rare to see any campervan on Malaysian road, it is even rarer to see another campervan of the same model and type. A few days ago I happen to see just that. On my way back from Cyberjaya, I caught sight of a familiar shape at Puchong Gateway shops. On closer look, it turns out to be a campervan of the same type as my own, except that this particular unit is no longer being used as it was designed for. Instead, it looks like a motor racing team is using it as a support van to carry parts and tools to race track. When I inspect the camper closely, I found that it is not in a happy state, most of its interior fittings has been gutted, the aircon, fridge, cabinets and even the table are gone, the only redeeming part is that it has a spiffy set of wheels! I really do hope that it will find a home where it will be restored to its former glory and roam the roads in Malaysia as a campervan again.

Another former Malaysian Motorhome campervan found on the road

The exterior bodywork is in surprisingly original condition

The windscreen seems to have replaced. The original screen has more curvature, the current screen is almost flat

The driver cab is still in very good condition, but sadly the cupboards, washing sink, cabinets and the table are gone

It is begging to be restored to be a campervan again

The wheels are bigger than the originals, but they looks great.



sudah agak lama saya mencari blog mengenai campervan kat malaysia..akhirnya jumpa juga.

TJ Chang said...

dulu saya pun cari tapi tak dapat... jadi buat sendiri lah :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr TJ Chang

Thanks for the uploaded photos of my camper. Actually I went to Puchong Gateway to meet Mr Wing, expert in campervan and motorhome restoration. I sent to his shop to estimate but somehow he came out with a proposal to totally scrap and replace the superstructure with new motorhome looks alike design but basically a luton box body. I would rather to maintain the current outlook therefore I decided to DIY. I sent her for body and paint works and still not finish yet.Hope will see her in a week time..

TJ Chang said...

Please let us know how your campervan looks like when restoration work is done. Perhaps one day we can go for trips together!

Anonymous said...

Sure Mr TJ.

Anonymous said...


Since then after the bodywork of my camper, I brought my family of 6 to some places to experience the camping life using campervan such as Cameron Highlands (2 times, Port Dickson (2 times), Kuantan-Rantau Panjang-Kuala Trengganu ( 3 days 2 nights), Kuala Kedah on our way to Langkawi overnight at Gurun Rest area and Bagan Lalang. Our next trip will be Fraser Hill.
During our trip to Cameron on the first time we met the Belgian couple the one that inside your story and another France family.
During our trip back from Kuala Trengganu, we met again the France family at the Kuantan shoreline but I forgot the name of that Pantai.
When we can have our trip together?

TJ Chang said...

I saw a white toyota dyna campervan on the way to LCCT airport. Was it yours? I have sold my camper a few months ago, the reason for this is that it will be difficult for me to take my whole family out for extended trip since the passing of my mum. Someone will have to stay home to look after my dad. I am currently looking to convert my L300 4wd van into a smaller camper for just 2 person.

Unknown said...

Hi happy campers. I would like to get my own budget camper van, anywhere I should hunt for.