Thursday, January 27, 2011

Proton Arena aka Jumbuck camper conversion

The badge is Malaysian, the car was designed and built in Malaysia, you can actually buy the vehicle in Malaysia, but ironically this is not a sight you will see in Malaysia.To see this you will have to go to Australia where the camper conversion was conceived.

A Proton Arena (aka Jumbuck) camper !

It was touted as the cheapest motor camper on the market. The conversion is the product of company called On the Wallaby, based at Sawtell in the state of New South Wales in Australia.

Once the anchoring structure of the On the Wallaby unit has been installed on the cargo tray, all you need to do is slide the frame of the camper into place and secure it with with four bolts. The space under the anchoring structure and the cargo tray can be used for stowing camper gears.

When fully deployed, the sleeping area sits above the cargo tray, the annex unfolds out to become the living area beside it. The provides a spacious accommodation for two people, with room to in the annex for sitting and dining.

This concept is half way between a full campervan/caravan and tent camping. The advantage is there is no hassles from any road transport legal compliance, the disadvantage is it is limited to accommodate 2/3 person only. Once deployed, you cannot use the car for other purpose unless you break camp.

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