Saturday, November 17, 2012

Malaysian campervan builder (update)

Wing Campervan has recently updated the JinBei based model with a more usable layout. Gone were the original seats that cannot be converted into bed. Now there are proper bench seats that can be converted into sleeping berth for three person with ample space, there is also a fully enclosed bathroom equipped with a portable potty and shower. Other amenities include a washing basin and cabinet for cooking with a portable stove. The camper comes with clean water tank and a grey water tank that stored the used water which can be drained and disposed off properly at the appropriate facility. The water supply is powered by a pressure sensitive 12v water pump. The standard interior height is 165cm, which means anyone taller will have to stoop slightly when standing up, but it is sufficient for one to stand up to change and move about inside the van. The

This is an exciting development for campervan lovers in Malaysia, because Mr Chan of Wing Campervan is building conversion kits for standard JinBei Van, which itself is a clone of Toyota's older HiAces high roof model. As such the conversion kit will fit the old HiAce as well.

Mr Chan of Wing Campervan cam be reached at 0102266456.

The base vehicle is a standard Jin Bei high roof windows van. It is dimensionally identical to the older Toyota Hiace van.
A 12v fan is included at the rear

The bench is also a storage compartment.

The interior lights are LED for low energy cosumption. The grey coloured door is the door for the bathroom/toilet.

The kitchenette is equipped with a washing basin with a faucet.

When the table tops are lowered, the benches are converted into sleeping berth
Benches in day time configuration

The bathroom/toilet is equipped with porta-potty with self-contained flushing water tank and black water tank.


mark ruffin melaka said...

Wonder how JPJ & Puspakom will recive this mod. As long as no one seated in the rear (Seatbelts) might be ok.

TJ Chang said...

As far as I know, JPJ required the base of any rear seats to be fixed to the floor and the seat belt anchored to the floor as well. I guess the bench seat meet this criteria.

Anonymous said...

Hi TJ,
The above require approval from technical Dept from JPJ.
What Wing has done is forwarding the drawings of the floor layout to JPJ & only once approved he will carry out the work.

Some of the vehicles were sold & accepted finance by the bank. Only the first unit is troublesome...once done Wing is laughing to the bank.


TJ Chang said...

This is the type approval process required by JPJ. The first unit is the prototype, it will be submitted to JPJ for inspection. Once the type is approved, it becomes a model/variant of the based vehicle to be sold as new units, with this the bank will be able to have a loan scheme for customer hire purchase.

afrs said...

Hi TJ,

I found this two ads of camper and trailer. Looks like yours and the trailer sounds interesting.

TJ Chang said...

Ha ha, the grey camper was indeed mine, I put it up for sale a few months ago on but I have no idea how it ended up on zerotohundred site. The trailer looks cool, not sure what is the towing requirement.

savensustain said...

Any up date on this camper van Mr Chang? It looks promising..once on sale, i think the scenario of travelling in Malaysia will start to change..

Dzul said...


Is this camper on Sale now...?