Sunday, November 4, 2012

A modular camper

A US based company named Teal Camper takes an innovative approach to campers. Instead of fully built up units, it provide components that you need to build the campers to the size that suits you.

The unique modular concept enable campers to be built in Lego blocks-like fashion. The basic parts consist of the wall sections ( with windows or without ), corner section, flat roof or pop-up roof, single door or double door. The beauty of this concept allows you to start with one configuration and then you can upgrade and expand to something bigger.

The built up unit can be mounted on a flat tray trailer to be a caravan or mounted onto a pickup truck cargo bed to convert it into a campervan. Or it can be a standalone structure if you so desired. Teal also supplies interior fittings like cabinets, benches, table, washing sink and even a bathroom.
An example of a built up Teal camper
The basic components of Teal camper

The pop-up roof. It is complete with lifting mechanism, windows and netting, it's size can be altered by adding middle sections.

Modular interior fittings

Cabinet and washing sink

Unit mounted on a flatbed trailer
Unit mounted on the cargo bed of a pickup truck


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