Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Extensible VW T5 Transporter camper

Westfalia is known for making classic VW campervan, for many it is the quintessential campervan, it almost defined how a campervan should be. Recently a UK campany called Doubleback has entered the fray to challenge Westfalia with innovation that turn a standard looking VW T5 Transporter van into an campervan with extensible living space.

When it is not deployed, the Doubleback VW T5 campervan looks deceptively like a standard T5 van. However, once it is on the camp ground, it demonstrate a transformer like ability to change into camper with full time living space with standing room and full time sleeping berth. 

The Doubleback VW T5 with in fully deployed mode

When in road mode, it looks no different to any standard T5 van

The back slides out along with the tail gate. The extended part is supported by self leveling struts capable of supporting 600kg of static weight

The pop top provides standing space

The view form inside ( from the driver seat looking back ). The transformation of living space truly astonishing. The washing basin and cook top is part of the sliding structure.

You can see how clever the packaging design is.
Once slided out, the extended part becomes a full time sleeping berth.
Schematic layout of the extensible structure

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