Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ulu Bendul

Bhe Ulu Bendul forest park is one of the most accessible forest park in Negri Sembilan. With the completion of a new highway it is even better now. Over the weekend I decided to take my friends and their families for an overnight trip there. I booked 2 blocks of dormitory to house all 22 peoples in this mob. We reached there around noon time and the place was packed with people who were there to picnic at the river side.

When evening came were the only group left in the park. As with most of our trips, morning is always the best moment as shown in the pictures below.

For once the campervan is not our accommodation, but it is good to have my "second home" with me everywhere I go.

The lake is full of fish but fishing is not allowed!

In the calm of the morning, the lake is almost a perfect reflection.

Lotus in the lake.

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