Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tuk tuk camper

The Vespa motorised rickshaw (or tuk tuk) trucks used to be common sight in Malaysia 30-40 years ago, mostly plying the back lanes delivering gas cylinders in residential housing estates. I have childhood memory of climbing into the cab of  one of these machines and pretended that I was driving it. These days, the tuk tuk trucks have totally disappeared from Malaysian streets. In places like Thailand and India, tuk tuks remained a common sight as taxis, however given ubiquity of tuk tuks in these places there is practically no examples of camper conversion. To find such camper we have to go to its original home in Italy.

Bufalino is a conceptual tuk tuk camper designed by Cornelius Comanns as a light camper that provide living space for one person. I find this one of the coolest camper ever, especially for people who want to travel light yet having their own transportation and accomodation.

This is not the only tuk tuk camper concept, there are also actual production campers that were built and actually used as they were intended to.


Joe Tan said...

Hi TJ,

Please can you contact me or my friend, Yap CK. I am very interested in the motorhome & thinking about starting a motorhome rental company in Malaysia.

Joe 012-6202-707
Yap 012-6188-255

KUATO said...

How much does this item cost, in USD?

budakboy said...

Attractive and innovative vehicle. How do I purchase such lovely vehicle