Saturday, March 12, 2011

Campervan in Thailand

Given that local campervan builders are practically non-existent in Malaysia ( except for a few conversion done on ad-hoc basis ) it is surprising that our Asean neighbour Thailand actually has a company that builds campervan from new chassis and sell them as series production models. A company called Siam Motor Home Co.,Ltd. with employs around 80 people has two campervan models in their line up, Vega and Terra. Vega is the larger model based on the Isuzu truck chassis, Terra is the smaller model based on Toyata Hilux pickup truck. The company said that their campers are built using New Zealand design, components, manufacturing technique, and both has the all important appliance for tropical climate, aircon.Under the AFTA agreement I woner how much it will cost to import them into Malaysia.

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