Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cameron Highland revisited

It is school break, so I took my family to our favourite holiday destination for a 2 nights campervan outing. Our last visit to Cameron Highland with the campervan was a overnight stopover during our road trip, so this time I decided to stay 2 nights there to just enjoy the cool air there without any hurry, after all there's no booking, no check in or check out time to worry about.

We took the Simpang Pulai entry to reach Cameron Highland
Coming from KL, it is a longer way to reach the highland instead of the Tapah entry point. However the reward is great vista such as this.

The road is wider and less winding compared to the old Tapah entry
We reached our camping site at the Tanah Rata forest park just in time to catch the last sun ray of the day. In real live, the scene was simply amazing, my simple camera and rudimentary photography skill does not do justice to the actual view.
The forest park is tucked away between Tanah Rata town and Kampung Sedia and few tourist know about this place, so we actually had the whole park to ourselves. The building is the entrance to what was planned to be a bird park, however the project ran out of money and the almost completed building was left idle.

I am glad that I brought along a garden canopy to provide some extra shelter because it rained continuously for the next 48 hours not long after this picture was taken!

The blue sky looks clear, but in a few minutes rain clouds swooped in and it rained incessantly.

Among the derelict Landrovers,  I found an ex-police Iveco 4wd vehicle and I have never seen any of these in their operational state. If it can be converted into a camper it would be a great overlander!

It has long wheel base and high roof, for a while I have vision of driving it across the vast grass land of central Asia or through the narrow passes at Himalayan ranges.Being a special police vehicle, the mileage is very low and the mechanical parts are hardly used, however the body is in a terrible state with rust every where. For now, it sits there, waiting for someone to rescue it.


raden putra said...

very very interesting. found your website after i googled 'malaysia caravan rental'. needless to say, tehre isn't any here, but found a few entries on caravans for sale on mudah.

keep updating, please!! who knows i might follow suit one day.

dragonking said...

the forest park you mention is it pejabat hutan daerah raub and cemeron highlands? what facilities over there? is it safe to camp there? any charges?thanks

TJ Chang said...

The full name is Hutan Lipur Parit Fall. They have shower and toilet there which is well maintained and clean. We camped there with our campervan for two nights alone with no problems. We also met and chatted with one of the park ranger there who came in the morning to do maintenance work. He told us that sometimes the locals go there at night to hangout, we encountered a group there but they minded their own business and left later. There was no charge for campervan parking at the car park, however I don't you are allowed to pitch tents on the lawn there.