Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Slide on camper

Slide on camper is a type of camper which is designed to be carried on the cargo bed of light truck without requiring any modification. The advantage is that it can also be standing on it own  at the campsite, freeing the carrier truck for other use at the destination. It is quite common in countries like Australia or US. Ironically such camper is almost unheard of in Malaysia, given the popularity of crew cab light trucks here. I came across this unit in Mudah.my on sale in Sarawak, if the picture is the actual unit then it looks like a good option for people who want to convert their Ford Ranger or Hilux into an off road camper yet having the flexibility of  taking it off when their truck is on daily use.

This particular  unit looks like it is designed for single cab truck instead of the crew cab type, it is unfortunate that private ownership of single truck is not allowed in Malaysia ( except Proton Arena ), but I have seen models designed for crew cab truck but at the cost of less interior space for the camper.

It has a pop top design, when folded down it will stay within the cargo dimension limit

Just put it on your truck and you are ready to go!


Anonymous said...

Hello sir,

It nice and really great to see Malaysia people have an same interest with me. FYI, I already thinking to get one camper van or any TRUCK CAMPERS... the most website I go..www.expeditionportal.com , In there its lot of truck camper info...And one more...I really wnat to know is it the SLide camper is LEGAL for MALAYSIA road...???

The aim an target for me:


and another overseas person I folow is

www.goannatracks.com there already been and travel in Malaysia.

Hope ti hear sooon from you... satu lagi...jika tuan tidak keberatan, i pleasure to meet your you and your campervan.

Anonymous said...

another website: http://www.earthcruiser.com.au/company.php

emt said...

Is it this slide camper enough fro NISSAN NAVARA ?

TJ Chang said...

this particular one looks like it is designed for full length cargo bed and not the crew cab type.

Orang Malaya said...

I have one unit of the slide in campers, six-pac brand bought sometime ago but never use to mount it on any pick-up. Can fit comfortably 3 adult, complete cooking equipment and shower room. Presently kept under the shed at my store in Pulau Indah Port Klang.

For those who like to take a look or want some pic, text me at my mobile 0192103148. I'm looking for something bigger for my overland trip.