Thursday, November 11, 2010

The old girl need some attention

The old girl on my last trip to Port Dickson a few weeks ago

Lately, my campervan has not been well. The alternator charge light comes on intermittently, a sign that it need replacement soon. I use a 30amp relay as simple split charger to charge both my starting and leisure battery, the load must have killed the alternator prematurely. The rear aircon blower is not blowing cold air at all, even after numerous trips to the workshop. Actually, to fixed up everything properly is a project by itself, but I would rather spend my time doing actual travelling than fixing it, so I have been muddling along and nursing all the minor problems along the way. After taking our family for many wonderful trips, she deserves some attention and care.

Update: It is comfirmed, the alternator is dying, the old unit was rated for 80Amp, but it has to charge two batteries. Every time we stop and camp at a place, the leisure battery gets drained by lights, fan and water pump, the poor alternator has to work overtime to get it fully charged when the camper is on the road again. Looks like it need a replacement with higher Amp rating.

On my last rip the Port Dickson, the charge light lit up half way through our journey, after I stopped for a break and resumed our journey, it went off. Next time, it may not be that forgiving.

We took some time to visit the army museum there. The best thing about this museum is that visitors are welcomed to climb into armoured cars to play with it and explore it. And entrance is free!

Road rage? Road bullies? I have no problem with them!

This is better than any toy I have ever had!

Hmm.. if this is our campervan, we can park anywhere we want.

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Anonymous said...

There are a few option to choose or you can have it all.
1. Having isolator to your leisure batt which can be connected to yr genset via a battery charger. (Yes you need a charger which connected to either external power or genset).While consume the power from yr genset you can charge yr leisure batt.
2. Buy inverter rated at least 1500W depend on yr load (you need to sum all yr appliances) connected to yr leisure batt (preperably N200)and this can run yr site aircond as well.
3. Make sure you install a switch in the cabin to save yr camper's alternator. This switch can be ON if you require to charge yr leisure batt if not then just put it at OFF position. This can prolong yr alternator life and it save some fuel for sure.