Monday, October 31, 2011

Campervan outing at Cameron Highland

Cameron highland is one my favourite retreat destination. Although the place has been suffered over commercialisation, there are still places where I can get away from the maddening crowd. My destination this time is at the Malaysia's Nature Society chalet at Ringlets. The place is currently under renovation and it is closed, so it is perfect for parking my campervan there as I will not be taking up the limited parking space that would otherwise be used by the lodgers at the chalets.

The morning mist give the quiet and isolated place a surreal ambiance.

The view of the valley when the morning mist started to clear
The trail leading to the campsite, the extra width and height of my camper was bit of a concern. In fact I got offside rear wheel stuck in the soft soil at the shoulder. Thanks to the help of the plantation workers who helped to push my camper, I managed get my camper back on the hard surface. Note to self: next time bring some recovery equipment.

You will never get tired of looking at the tea plantation.
There are small nooks and crannies that reminds me of the hobbits shire
The grand vista of the valley when the morning mist was cleared

The following day I decided to visit Tanah Rata, this is the municipal council's car park. For those who prefer to camp closer to town, this is a good place to park your camper

Another good place is the forest park at Brinchang. Tucked away between Kampung Sedia and Tanah Rata, it is quiet and spacious, with public toilets. It's location is such that both Brinchang town and Tanah Rata town are within walking distance.

We met a Belgian couple who shipped their campervan to Malaysia. Frank and Alice have been travelling around the world for 6 years in their campervan.

Frank and Alice's campervan, it has been their home on the road.One day I would like to see the world in my campervan like them.

Frank's camper has a handy platform at the rear for carrying their bikes.

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