Thursday, October 14, 2010

Campervan spotting

I spotted this campervan parked at a car work shop at Bangi. Out of curiosity I stopped by and took some pictures. The workshop owner told me that it is on sale, but the asking price is more of wishful thinking on the part of the seller. The camper is based on VW T4 chassis and it is very nice model with cab over bunk body, the workshop owner was in a hurry to go out so I can only contented with a walk around inspection. The interior looks clean and complete and the body is in fair condition, but it is clearly not in a road worthy condition.

From the current condition of this campervan, it looks like it has not had a happy life with the previous owner. I really hope this campervan will find a new home and an owner who will restore to road worthy condition and take it to the road. I am quite sure that there are scattered campervan owners out there in Malaysia besides me, it will be nice if all campervan owners can form a community here. Hello! Is there anyone out there?
Rear view looks good.

Missing grill at the front

Missing cylinder head!
Any takers?


Darren said...


I'm a regular reader of your blog.
I'm a campervan fan, but I like in England.
I've spent many months in Malaysia, having had friends who lived in KL.
I've loved reading about your search for a campervan and your travels with your family.

The camper above looks like it has had a bad life. I hope someone can give it the love it needs to get back on the road.

All the best, and happy travels.


irwan said...


what's the asking price for that campervan in bangi?

TJ Chang said...

hi irwan,
the seller asked for 70k. it is located opposite maybank training center at bangi.

Anonymous said...

Sir TJ,

I really love camper and also waiting the communities for cammpervan in MALAYSIA...we need people with same INTEREST! to travel until RUSIA...using Trucks camper but need more detail planning espcially in MONEY!! but its ok juts to travel all the Peninsular and complete the course for BORNEO next..fuh what aa dreamming!!

Gerbang Komuniti Setempat said...

HI there its 2013 now..3 years after you post this..last 2 months ago when i took my car washing at car wash beside that workshop, the workshop owner said now the owner want to sold it 15k..but the campervan in a very very bad state..cabin had a hole & crack..which i guest mr rat was happily living in there..

He also said campervan owner used it to transfer illegal Indons worker till fit with 15 persons per trip..that make its engine blow off..dunno weather its true or not..

Then, last 2 weeks..i've seen that campervan was gone..maybe someone bought it or towed away by Majlis bandaran

TJ Chang said...

Yikes! Didn't know it has such an "interesting" history!

Anonymous said...

Hi TJ,

Just want to ask if you Campervan is sold. Don't mind you contacting me at

Thank you very much.