Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Road trip 3 ( Cameron Highland - Gua Musang )

We were not sure what should be our next stop, since we never tried taking the highway from Kampung Raja to Kuala Lipis, we decided to take that route. Years ago, the highway did not exist, it was an unpaved trail through the highland jungle, only hard core 4x4 enthusiasts traversed the trail all the way to Gua Musang.

Today, the highway has enabled the clearing of land for agricultural purpose along the highway. Sadly, it is done in the hap hazard manners, there are no planning, no proper governance. The method of farming is destructive and clearly unsustainable.

The highway extended beyond the farmlands and into the jungle, very soon we find ourselves to be alone on the highway for kilometers. Signs of human settlements are few and far in between, it is such a contrast from the crowded cities. Without any maps or GPS to guide us, we have to trust the road signs as there were no one around to ask for directions! So we just drove on.

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